The Two Faces of Adventism: Roots, Unresolved Tensions, Growing Conflict

Roots 1. Although early Adventism, seeing itself as God’s “Remnant”, rejected Protestantism, EGW plagiarized their books. From this emerged two faces within her writings: e.g., Early Writings and The Great Controversy represent the sectarian EGW and Desire of Ages and Steps To Christ represent the mainstream. While she seems to have felt no great pressure…… Continue reading The Two Faces of Adventism: Roots, Unresolved Tensions, Growing Conflict

Man Created God in his Image

My topic has been stimulated by the fact that just as the TOSC Commission brought Adventist biblical scholars and Church administrators from all over the world to study women’s ordination in advance of the 2015 GC Session (only to see their recommendations ignored in the debate and decision-making process because Elder Ted Wilson, the GC…… Continue reading Man Created God in his Image

The Evolution and Current Issues of Seventh-day Adventism

Ronald Lawson was born into a devout Seventh-day Adventist family in Australia, and is still an active Adventist (or SDA). Trained in both history and sociology, he became eager to understand the dynamics of his church. In 1984 he launched an ambitious study of global Adventism. Over the next more than two decades, he travelled to 60 countries in all divisions of the world church, and completed long searching interviews with over 4,000 Adventists. These interviewees …