Alphabetical Index of Posts

To make it easier to find particular posts on this site, this is a list of all posts to date in alphabetical order. The dates alongside the titles are for when the posts were made on this site: the original publication dates of the papers are included in the posts. This list will be maintained in this post.

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A Changing Church: Adventism in Papua New Guinea in the 1980s and 1990s – May 2019

A Watershed for Seventh-day Adventism – September 2018

Adventism and its Fringes – August 2019

Adventist Relations with Other Churches – May 2019

Adventists and the Proposed “Marriage Amendment”: The Constitution and Same-Sex Relationships – June 2019

Adventists: Cult, Sect or Denomination? – April 2019

Adventists, War, and Oppressive Governments: Patterns and Relationships from Before World War I to the Present – June 2019

At the Eye of the Storm: Conflict Concerning the Ordination of Women Within the International Seventh-day Adventist Church – August 2018

Beasts, Rules, Grace, and Relevance: What is the Message of Multicultural Adventism? – August 2019

Book Review: Religion and Social Change in Kenya – April 2019

Broadening the Boundaries of Church-Sect Theory: Insights from the Evolution of the Non-schismatic Mission Churches of Seventh-day Adventism – May 2019

Church and State at Home and Abroad: The Evolution of Seventh-day Adventist Relations with Governments – March 2018

Church-sponsored Injustice: The Seventh-day Adventist Church and Polygamous Converts – May 2018

Comparing Mormons, Adventists, and Witnesses in Mexico, 2000-2010: Contrasting their Outreach Strategies, Growth, who they Attracted and Retained, and the Reliability of their Official Data – January 2019

Comparing the Geographic Distributions and Growth of Mormons, Adventists and Witnesses – January 2019

Dilemmas in Religious Research: When a Stigmatized Researcher Researches a Conservative Church – August 2019

Encyclopedia of Fundamentalism: Seventh-day Adventism – November 2018

Encyclopedia of Millennialism: Apocalypticism in Seventh-day Adventism – November 2018

Ethics for Gay Christians?: The Seventh-day Adventist Experience – March 2019

Examining Trends (Especially Decline) in Religious Groups – October 2019

From American Church to Immigrant Church – January 2018

From Political Subservience to Political Power and Influence: Seventh-day Adventists in Papua-New Guinea – May 2019

From Sect Towards Denomination: Tracing the Trajectory of Seventh-day Adventism in the USA Over Time – February 2019

From Separation to Integration: The Odyssey of the Seventh-day Adventist Hospital System in the US – July 2019

Gay Activists in The Churches: Seventh-Day Adventist Kinship International, Inc – March 2019

Ghettoization and the Erosion of a Distinct Way of Life: The Seventh-day Adventist Experience – December 2018

Immigrant Influx: The Impact of Large Numbers of Immigrants from the Developing World on Seventh-day Adventism in England, France, and The Netherlands – July 2019

In and Out of the World – September 2019

In the Wake of the State: Seventh-day Adventism and Apartheid in South Africa – August 2019

Internal Political Fallout From The Emergence Of An Immigrant Majority: The Impact Of The Transformation Of Seventh-Day Adventism In Metropolitan New York – February 2018

“Is This Our Concern?” HIV/AIDS and International Seventh-day Adventism – June 2018

Kinship: Meeting Student Needs at PUC, 1985-87 – March 2019

Man Created God in his Image – September 2019

Mormons, Adventists, and Jehovah’s Witnesses: Three “American Originals” and How They’ve Grown – December 2017

Onward Christian Soldiers? Seventh-Day Adventists and the Issue of Military Service – February 2018

Pro-what? Seventh-day Adventists and Abortion – May 2018

Questions Concerning the Relevance of Adventist Teachings in Animist Cultures – April 2019

Review of ‘Adventist Mission in the 21st Century’ – April 2019

Review of ‘The Silent Church: Human Rights and Adventist Social Ethics’ – April 2019

Sectarian Groups and Social Issues: Broadening Church-Sect Theory – April 2018

Sect-State Relations: Accounting for the Differing Trajectories of Seventh-day Adventists and Jehovah’s Witnesses – January 2019

‘Seventh-day Adventism’ in the Encyclopedia of Politics and Religion – December 2018

Seventh-Day Adventist Pluralism: Celebration and Challenge at The General Conference Session in 2000 – September 2018

Seventh-day Adventist Responses to Branch Davidian Notoriety – January 2018

Seventh-day Adventists and the U.S. Courts: Road Signs Along the Route of a Denominationalizing Sect – February 2019

Seventh-day Adventists in Conflict: A Nineteenth-century Religious Movement Meets the Twentieth Century – November 2018

Tensions Over Worship Music within SDAism: A Global Church Wrestles with both Inter-generational and Inter-cultural Issues – June 2019

The Caring, Welcoming Church? The Seventh-day Adventist Church and its Homosexual Members – May 2018

The Evolution and Current Issues of Seventh-day Adventism – January 2018

The Fragmenting of Apocalypticism within a Denominationalizing Sect: The Case of Seventh-day Adventism – July 2019

The Future of Seventh-day Adventism – December 2018

The Impact of the Influx of Immigrants from the Developing World on Adventism in Canada – July 2019

The Metro New York Adventist Forum: Celebrating its First 50 years, 1968-2018 – July 2019

The Patterns, Sources, and Implications of Rapid Church Growth within International Seventh-day Adventism: Applying and Testing Stark’s Revised General Model – September 2019

The Persistence of Urgent Apocalypticism Within a Denominationalizing Sect: The Case of Seventh-day Adventism – November 2018

The Sabbath in a Round World – October 2019

The Secular Transition: The Worldwide Growth of Mormons, Jehovah’s Witnesses, and Seventh-day Adventists – January 2019

The Troubled Career of an “Ex-Gay” Healer: Colin Cook, Seventh-day Adventists, and the Christian Right – June 2018

To what extent has Adventist sectarianism resulted in its being a prophetic minority, with a witness for peace, justice, and humility? – February 2019

Toward A Sociological Understanding of the Evolution of Adventism: What Had Shaped the Adventism We Knew in the 1960s? How Has It Changed Since? Where Is It Going? – September 2019

Twenty-First Century Adventism: The Impact of The Decline of The Church in The Developed World and Its Rise in The Developing World – June 2019

Uni-Directional or Bi-Directional?: Sect-Denomination Theory and the Case of Seventh-day Adventism – February 2019

When Immigrants Take Over: The Impact of Immigrant Growth on American Seventh-day Adventism’s Trajectory from Sect to Denomination – February 2018

When the General Conference Sued SDA Kinship: Kinship Goes to Trial – March 2019

Why No to Women but Yes to Killing? – March 2018

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